Encountering A Symbol Of Authority

In the event of an encounter with a symbol of authority perception matters and so do manners.

It’s a good thing to be perceptive.  It means to be aware of our environment and those in it.  The Madison County Sheriff’s Department is located in Edwardsville Illinois.  They created an educational video to serve as a tool for helping to reduce confrontation anxiety.  Also in this article you’ll find access to tactical and First Responder supplies.   If you’d rather skip past the lessons and see 10 viral videos of the lip sync challenge, then just keep scrolling down.

Maybe you were in a rush to get to work.

Maybe you’re trying to avoid severe weather, are running late for school, or just appear suspicious.  For whatever reason you find yourself stopped by a cop, remain calm and try to be pleasant, even if you encounter an officer who isn’t.  View the video below to watch their lesson. It covers what to expect during a traffic stop in under four minutes.  “This video is designed to reduce the stress and anxiety through information and knowledge. An informed community is a safer community.” – Lt. Kris Tharp.

Now Ponder This!

When we use our manners to behave respectfully towards others, we ideally expect them to return the gesture.  Realistically, that doesn’t always happen.  Civil servants are a symbol of authority and looked to as an example. Not all set a good one though, and bad experiences can be disheartening for those of any viewpoint.  When we abase each other we make unpleasant memories that cause discord and separation, which then leads to issues that have further contributed to a social crisis.  The truth is that it’s important to consider how we interact with others.  Whether online or off, as a civilian or officer, our actions invoke a reaction.  Developing and improving our social skills is vital.  It’s possible as individuals for us to reach our highest levels of potential no matter our titles or hindrances. Social media is an excellent tool for getting practice. Practice is what makes the master.

Not all people deserve the condemnation they’ve received.

There are bad apples in every tree.  It doesn’t mean the branches are bad or that the roots are dead.  It’s important to remember that we’re all human beings.  Most of us care to right the wrongs that are done.  That’s why many officers enlist and put their lives at risk in the first place.  Productive members of society seek to labor according to our abilities in order to be enabled to provide for our families.  It’s stated by definition that police officers aren’t civil servants, and that they’re lower ranked as public servants, yet it’s their job to respond first and intervene in uncivil situations.  They are meant as keepers of the peace for the betterment of the public, and they wear badges as symbols of authority, so I beg to differ.


When civil servants fail to set the example.

Civilians should set the example of respect by being the first to show it.  We don’t need to be paid by the public to be civil or to live up to civil servant standards.  It’s necessary for civilization to thrive.  You may be surprised to discover how behavior is reciprocated.  Maybe you won’t.  Even if you’ve been robbed, gas-lighted, defamed, falsely accused, charged, jailed, maced, and beaten for having the audacity to regard your rights despite others violating them, don’t take it out on the next officer you see.  I’m not going to deny the negativity, it’s controversial, and I’ve had some bad experiences myself.  However, my aim here is to point out the positive in an effort to make the most of what I’ve learned from them.

Duty Gear Clearance

The world is riddled with news of those who abuse their authority.

Predators deliberately seek out positions of trust and power of authority because it’s how they gain easy access to prey, but just like not all animals eat meat, not all people are predators.  We have to remember and remind ourselves that not all are guilty over the few who do, regardless of our experiences with the bad apples that manage to infiltrate any association.  If there’s any position we are all associated with it’s being human. We all make mistakes.  We all start out inexperienced and we all share the desire to be a success, to celebrate our successes and to be regarded and respected by others.

I’m perceptive and I’ve been observing a movement.

When I saw the “Lip Sync Challenge” videos by departments all over the nation become viral sensations, I witnessed more than something fun and entertaining for people to watch.  I saw a psychological tool for progress that triggered more than just my sense of respect for civil servants.  I see it from an empowering point of view.  These videos display our ability to relate, unite, and serve as a reminder to our own and other nations, through the use of entertainment, that even though we’ve made mistakes, our bonds can still be strengthened.

America is a melting pot of a nation, made up of cultures as various as the colors of the spectrum.  We live in an era of worldwide virtual connection and our social structures are ever changing.  We can be conservative by holding on to the good and liberal by changing the bad.  That’s how we find middle ground.  The best way to get along with someone who is different than us, or whom we disagree with is to point out our likenesses.

Below is a list of Lip Sync Challenge videos by various departments.

  Wouldn’t it be neat to see more police departments all over the world represent themselves as keepers of the peace by accepting the challenge?  I’ve certainly found it entertaining and educational.  Some tactics maybe unorthodox but they can still be extremely useful, especially when it’s moral and unites our communities.  Click here and add your State to the search bar to see if your department has participated, and if you don’t see your community involved, then be the first to take action.  Encourage your community to participate.

Illinois State Police Department

Columbia Illinois Police Department

Leroy Police Department

Norfolk Virginia Police Department

Bexar County Texas Sheriff’s Office

New Orleans Louisiana Police Department

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Granite City Illinois Police Department
Granite City Illinois Police Department

Should you wish to study to become a police officer, the job openings are endless.  Thank you for listening.  Your time is appreciated.

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