David Winters: An Iconic Figure

David Winters Is An Entertainment Icon

This multi-talented entertainment power house has developed and utilized  amazing skills throughout the course of his life.  David has participated in over 200 television series, television specials, and motion pictures.

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 I Was Seated In The Back At This Event.

 I didn’t let that stop me from capturing a photo of David accepting his hard earned awards.  It was a wonderful experience to witness.  He won three awards for the film  “Dancin’ It’s On.”

The awards were for Best Director, Best Music Score, and Best Editing.  They were presented to him by the Wide Screen Film & Music Video Festival in March of 2015.

Watch The Preview Now.

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David Released His Autobiography In June of 2018!

Tough Guys Do Dance, went straight to the top of the best sellers list on Amazon with five star reviews.  David’s face will remain a familiar one to the entertainment industry for centuries to come.  In his new book he shares his behind-the-scenes stories and life events.   Being associated with some of the biggest names in show business, such as  Ann  -Margret, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, and Michael Jackson,  makes this an interesting read for those interested in a new piece of history across a variety of genres.

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His work in Broadway shows and Hollywood Films is legendary!

West Side Story was where David found his stardom. He inspired millions of boys and men alike to embrace the art of dance and truly showed them that “tough guys do dance!” If you’re a student of dancing or an aspiring actor, producer, or director, then you want to study the work of David Winters.  David’s first Directing job was on “THE MONKEES” TV series.  He serves as an inspiration for all generations across a variety of genres.

You can join this group if you wish to keep following him along his journey.  He’s been responsive to my inquiries.

David has kept himself busy.  Be like David and make your lifetime just as full of achievements!

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