Attention Musicians: How To Get Booked On News Stations

An Opportunity For You To Gain The Exposure You Need To Turn A Dream Into Reality. Succeed At Getting Booked On News Stations And Boost Your Publicity.

Sound Advice From Kim Hudson
Everett Dean is a Shining Star in Chicago and St. Louis. Learn more about him and his style of music!

Kim Hudson is a successful multimedia journalist for Fox 2 News, and she has taken the time to make a video offering advice for how hopeful musicians can gain exposure and get booked on news stations.

Kim is looking for bands to book for the St. Louis area audience with the potential reach to be in the several hundred thousands, however; this advice is applicable for getting booked on just about any news station nationwide.

Whether You’re A Solo Artist Or A Brand Name Band, Kim Knows It’s An Opportunity For You To Gain The Exposure You Need To Turn A Dream Into Reality And She Wants To Help You Succeed At Getting Booked On News Stations!

While famous bands go on tour selling out show after show, they all had to start somewhere.   Do you know or have you heard of a band that became famous after traveling from station to station performing on news segments?   These days you can even advertise your own channel.  Make contact with me if you’d like some help with that.

Youtube maybe a modern outlet, but news segments are still a tried and true approach too, especially if you want a reason to travel!  You could make a tour of it.  You’ve got to invest first in order to reap any returns.   Fox 2 Now even has a Youtube channel and may upload your performance at your request, which you can then use to  further appeal to a worldwide audience (especially if you know how to advertise it.)

Some Change Will Come by Grigorios Krantaidis
Gregory Style is a Greek Entertainer With The Ability To Calm Kings. Click The Image To Hear His Chords.
Though Not For A Musician, I Personally Booked A Segment For A Local Business With Kim Hudson.

She’s easy to communicate with, was very thorough expressing what she needed from us to make the segment a success, and it all went wonderfully because we followed her instructions, so I have no qualms about praising her while I recommend you listen to what she has to say so you too can learn how to get booked on news stations.  Watch the video below:

Follow Kim on Twitter.   Like her page on Facebook.  Subscribe to Fox 2 News on Youtube and save her email to your contact list!  Make the connection and support Kim back in exchange for her being so supportive of your endeavors.  Why?  Because successful people #SupportOneAnother!

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Listen Below To A Song Sung By Malaysian Entertainer CK Andrew, Of Which I Got To Work With Him and Compose The Lyrics For!

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